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Congrats on this app!!!
Fabrice L.

What I like the most is to see day after day the benefits on my health,congrats on this app!!! !!!

What a pleasure to be able to share
Amandine C.

What I find great about your application is the contact and support of the discussion groups, what a pleasure to be able to share with all of you !!!!

And for the first time I hold
Jonathan M.

Never again alone, you're right. And for the first time I hold in one of my many attempts to stop

exceeded all my expectations
Solène F.

As a smoker for more than 20 years, I had tested many solutions including applications, but this one has  exceeded all my expectations !!!!

You give me a second wind!
Romaric A.

When I see the price of your subscription compared to the savings on my cigarette packs, I thank you very much because you give me a second wind!

Wonderful application
Jean Francois L.

I have got all the smokers I coach to use this application! And I wanted to congratulate you for this  great application

Emergency mode
Jonathan M.

Difficult to hold during aperitifs for me... But with the emergency mode I can share with anyone for whom it is difficult at the same time as me, hello everyone!!!

3 months already!
Louis M.

@Fab et @Roro see you soon on the chat, we hold together !!!!!   3 months already!

And it works ...
François M.

Despite my age, this is the first time I have used an application to quit,  and it works ...

The community of moms on Cig
Audrey M.

Thank you all for your advice on quitting smoking during my pregnancy. My baby arrived in good health and kisses to all  the moms' community on Cig !!!!

Thank you
Louise A.

What can I say, except that I no longer smoke and I am so proud of myself. Thank you of your BIG help!

The application is still there
Yvette S.

It's hard, it's long but   the application is still there when I need it.

Customize the application
Maxence D.

I love being able to customize the application to my colors, I feel good with it every day.

Great APP!
Jeanne M.

 Great APP!

Tips and tricks

The advice is good, but the  tips and tricks of users even better!

I am alive again
Fanny R.

I recommend you this application, now  I am alive again and I will be able to see my grandchildren (I hope so :)-))

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Take advantage of our tips and many quotes.

More than a hundred  advice developed with the medical profession in order to bring you all the help and tips you need to stop smoking.

multiple quotes help you to not give up and to boost your deep motivation.

Share with some members and together let's be stronger!

Becausestop together is the only way to break the solitude, sharing daily with people in your situation or with former smokers remains the best help in the success of quitting smoking.

Find out about discussion groups according to your profile, as well as a live chat.

Throw yourself some challenges to motivate yourself.

Reward yourself throughout your withdrawal! Write down your rewards and track what you will treat yourself with the money you saved.

Plan and follow your activities on a daily basis and at a simple look, you will be able to boost your motivation, remind yourself of the path you have taken and which has allowed to realize your projects!

Launch the emergency mode when you feel like smoking.

Share with all the people in the world, who at the same time as you, have to pass a strong desire to smoke.

Find all the specific advice during this key moment so that all together the passage of the 3 minutes is a success.

Follow your indicators of progress.

Reinforce your motivation by following your progress live with more  200 benefits of quitting smoking : your fitness and health, your well-being, your savings and your time spent without smoking.

Refer your friends and win a trip.

Let's celebrate your stop together

Take part in our contest to win a great trip. All you have to do is refer as many friends as possible. The more referred friends you have, the more chances you have to win!

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« In truth, the path does not matter, the will to arrive is enough for everything. »
Albert Camus
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